Support Us 

The below projects are looking to be supported financially and are of great importance to the overall health of the Milgis eco-system!

Conservation Education

Help our conservation education team develop a strong conservation theme in schools

Milgis Dam Unit

Our tractor needs a boost in order to build more dams for people and wildlife to share clean water.

'Donate' Button

This button, located at the top right hand side of the screen, will take you to the NHWS portal. Here you will be able to make a (only USA) tax deductible donation to the milgis trust. 

Local Transfer

It is also possible to donate directly to our Kenya USD account. Please note that donations to this account are not tax deductible. 

Account details:

Kenya Commercial bank ltd, 4081

Box 393, Naro Moru 10105

A/c name .. Milgis Trust

Us $ a/c ...1103194364

Swift code…KCBLKENX

Vet Unit

Our canine friends need your support to mitigate the spread of rabies and to boost their guard dog skills against lions and hyena's.

Support by going on a camel safari

One of the best ways of getting involved with the milgis trust is to go on a camel safari with Wildfrontiers camel safaris. Through ecotourism, we are able to promote conservation among pastoralist communities as well as create a means of income for hundreds of people.