Water projects 

Water Projects
The Milgis Trust has found that implementing water projects for the Samburu, Rendille, their and wildlife has hugely improved our conservation strategy.  To date the Milgis Trust has implemented 14 water projects. 


Water is the biggest problem in Northern Kenya, it is not uncommon for people to walk two days to get to a water source. Apart from relieving hardships among the communities, our water projects are an extremely effective conservation strategy. Area's that do not have water projects rely on hand dug wells in the sand. These are shared with the wildlife which leads to a lot of human wildlife conflict - elephants cave these wells in on a daily basis and livestock become easily predated. Our water projects have separate outlets for humans, livestock and wildlife. This reduces spread of disease as well as eliminating human-wildlife conflict. 


Water projects are not simply 'handed out'. Communities that have proved their ability to co-exisist with wildlife and preserve the surrounding habitat receive priority on projects. Additionally water projects can lead to population increases in some area's - the Milgis is careful to implement projects in locations that are able to handle population fluctuations.  Our strategy is to place projects outside of area's that host endangered species with the aim of reducing population stresses in that area. 


 "Through the Support of the Voss Foundation and other partners we are able to provide over 40 million litres of water per year."                              


Ndonyo Nasipa   Kasipo

Sware                 Urra 

Mpang (Mikenya)   Loltepes/Sidai


Implementation Proccess

Main supporters of this programme

Voss Foundation

Lene Maria for Rent Vann

Aid for Samburu

Our tame water diviner assesses the area and chooses a drilling site

Either a well is dug or a borehole is drilled

Wells lined and modified to be flood-proof

Panels and Solar Pump are installed

Piping and tanks supply the water to community standpipe

Water project manager is assigned to clean the panels and maintain project