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Land Rehabilitation

Thousands of acres of land have become degraded – the soil is depleted of nutrients, organic matter and root structure. Meaning that when it rains the fast-moving surface water carries away loose soil, causing deep erosion gullies

Our land rehabilitation project aims to repair damaged area’s using only a spade. We are using a very simple system of earth works to prevent erosion. The concept is to incentivize people to hand-dig small depressions called water bunds. These bunds are 3-4 metres wide and are staggered in a fish scale pattern. The runoff from rain flows into a bund – losing momentum, it infiltrates into the soil. When one bund fills up, the water spills over into the next. The bunds also catch seeds which are able to germinate undisturbed. Over time, there is an increase in vegetation and the gullies backfill themselves – increasing the productivity of the ecosystem as a whole.

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