The healthcare infrastructure in this very remote area has improved immensely in the last 10 years, however many people with serious conditions do not know where or how to seek specialised care. Many of these people come to us, as we are a beacon in the area and we try to help them get the correct treatment. It is very difficult to talk conservation with someone who is in pain. 

Medical Emergencies

Our extensive medical emergency programme has helped many people who suffer from a wide range of problems. Through generous support from far and wide, we are able to identify, refer or treat peoples ailments. People with health issues are often so desperate that they are pushed to poach or illegally harvest natural resources to fund treatment. Hence the importance of this programme from a conservation perspective.

Below is a good example of how life-changing this programme is. Arian was born with a very complicated condition. We were able to find her the required treatment, and after more than 10 long journeys to the other side of the country, she is now able to lead a normal life. 

What we are dealing with

Before Treatment

Mid Treatment

After Treatment

Eye Missions


In partnership with MEAK,  the Trust has helped to restore sight to hundreds of people in the area. We have carried out catarract operations and dealt with the complications of trachoma which is such a huge problem. To date we have done 4 eye missions together, and have provided training for the government nurse in Latakwen who can now diagnose and treat many eye complications. 

Main supporters of this programme



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