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Conservation Education


The current national curriculum does not have a genuine focus on conservation which we believe should be an integral part of the students education. Together with the Samburu County Education department, we have been supplementing the current curriculum with conservation education explaining the importance and benefits of co-existing harmoniously with wildlife. Extracurricular activities include Milgis Trust scouts visiting the schools to discuss the value of local wildlife and forests.  Other activities also include painting large murals depicting co-existence of humans and wildlife.

We are urgently looking to secure funding for a new team to supplement our conservation education programme. This would consist of a teacher and his assistant who would be building a drama and debating programme among government schools. Music, drama and public speaking is a great way to convey the conservation message in schools that suffer from a rather dull curriculum. This program would develop inter-school competitions and the winners will tour to see conservation area's around Kenya. 

In the past our conservation education teacher travelled to all the schools in the area - by means of comedy, drama and role plays he paved the way for conservation education in the area.  Through his work he has proved that the arts are the most efficient way to deliver this message. He surprised us with many fantastic dramas including dressing people up as elephants and roaming through the communities - the children absolutely love such ways of raising awareness. We hope we can get this fantastic program up and running again.



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Schools | Programme Structure

The Milgis Trust is doing its very best to provide relevant and accessible education programmes. We are currently supporting ten schools which includes seven 'under the tree schools'. We also have a student sponsorship programme which offers opportunities to less fortunate youths through secondary, college and university education.

Why our help is needed?

Firstly, there is a shortage of adequately staffed and furnished schools, which we address. Second, the Milgis Trust aims to involve all the schools in a genuine focus to 'save the environment and the wildlife'. By securing support through the schools, the children can become 'ambassadors' for conservation in their area helping to spread and implement our message.

Milgis school the first classroom
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Nursary school school renovations

How we Help

Building and Equipping of Schools

All of our schools, excluding the Latakwen nursery, are built using locally sourced and sustainable materials. We strive to promote local labour and the practice of natural resource management in the area. The main structures are made from driftwood collected from dry river beds. The walls are stone and the 'makuti' roofs are made from doum palm leaves. 

Due to remoteness and limited resources, we try to ensure that all schools have adequate teaching materials, facilities and food. Through our sponsorship programme, we are seeing many of our students through teacher training, with the hopes that they will come back to the area and help educate the younger generation. 

Milgis School
In class Milgis school
half mast after alsabab attack in Nairobi

Schools Built by the Milgis Trust 

- Noonchura Nursery School

- Leiroyia Nursery School

- Suruan Nursery School

- Latakweny Nursery School

- Ilgwe Ndome Primary & Nursery Schools

Milgis Education Sponsorship Program

In 2011 the Trust started a secondary schooling and university sponsorship program. This initiative was started by Voss Foundation's Women-Helping-Women campaign in 2010 and has slowly built it's sponsor-base to be able to educate over 70 children through secondary education and half of that through university . Children are wonderful catalysts for change and as the next generation they have the challenge and responsibility of continuing to maintain a sustainable ecosystem for their futures and that of their families.

By encouraging the study of specific occupations, we enable these students an opportunity to bring skills back into their community.

For this reason the Milgis Trust has created a sponsorship package which goes beyond just government education.  Every child sponsored will be enrolled in the Milgis’s Young Conservationist’s Club and at the end of each school term the children will be called upon to take up their role as a Young Conservationist. they go out into the community and talk to the parents and other children the importance of conservation for the future of the community. They undertake conservation activities in the community together with others to show the benefit of conservation efforts.

Main supporters of this programme

Toto trust

Milgis Stiftelsen (Norge)

JANC Auction


Bygdøy School Norge

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Nobelity Project

all student sponsors

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