The trust, the community and the eco-system we support owes you a very big THANK YOU

Friends and Family

- Halvor Astrup, for huge

  support and for establishing a    Norwegian connection

- Our Trustees

- JAC and JANC supporters and

   Christen Sveaas

- Knut Brundtland

- Milgis Stiftelsen Board

   Cecilie Malm Brundtland

   Anette Krosby 

   Kristine Furuholmen

   Ina Astrup

-  James & Penny Symington

-  Arnulf and Tove Bergum in

   memory of Lene Maria

- Bygdøy skole (supporting Suruan    School)

- Jan Haakon Pettersen 

- Darren Almond (for the beautiful photo  series Fullmoon@Milgis)

-  Gro Brundtland through TANG PRIZE

-  David Morrall

-  Serlan Foundation

-  Edward Peake

- The Simpletons

-  Catman

-  Zeke Davidson

- Florian and Suzi Weischer

- Jonathan and Gillian Knowles            and Maeve Murray Smith on education      through Toto Trust..

- Gavin Hogg for creating the beautiful         Ldoilo CD 

-  Andrew Brudenell Bruce and his team

   for running in a marathon

-  Heather and Richard Gibson

-  Isabel Wilcox

-  Beverly Orthwein

-  Rich Clise & Suzanne Garrison

-  Turk and the Nobelity Project

-  Student sponsors

-  Viveca Ax:son Johnson

-  The late Chuck Lathrop 

-  Claudia Berger

-  Gilfrid Powys

-  Bruce Schnitzer

-  Franzi Krummel 


-  Stella Deane for hundreds of    

   hours of devoted work for the


-  Nick Tims - who swam the

   English channel for the Milgis

-  Sarah Bourghardt from Sweden

   who raced in the hardest ski race

   (90km) and walking (90km) for the


   Rachel Temple for all the work on


- Carolyn Roumeguere, for making

   us her charity of choice

- Diana Roberts, for all the help

  she gave us with

  grant applications!

-  Doug & Sarah Connon

- Nick & Jane Prentice

- Rupert Watson & Mary Binx in

  memory of George Drew

- Grete Davey

- Christian Lambretchs

- Richard and Cathy Hahn

- Morten Werring

- Frazer Douglas

- Maryjka Beckmann


- Private Journeys

- Jeremy Block

- Fuzz Dyer

- Sir David and Lady Newbigging

- Bruce Corrie

- Pirjo from Finland

- Lis Woods

- Val & Leslie Broc


the list is never ending

     Organisations                  (click for more info)


Milgis Stiftelsen (Norge)