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The trust, community and eco-system we support owes you a very big THANK YOU!!

Friends and Family

- Halvor Astrup, for huge

  support and for establishing a    Norwegian connection

- Our hardworking trustees

- JAC and JANC supporters and

   Christen Sveaas

- Knut Brundtland

- Milgis Stiftelsen Board

   Cecilie Malm Brundtland

   Anette Krosby 

   Kristine Furuholmen

   Ina Astrup

   Clementine Munch Thore

-  James & Penny Symington

-  Arnulf and Tove Bergum in

   memory of Lene Maria

- Olav Dunn School

- Bygdøy skole (supporting Suruan    School)

- Jan Haakon Pettersen 

- Darren Almond (for the beautiful photo  series Fullmoon@Milgis)

-  Gro Brundtland through TANG PRIZE

-  David Morrall

-  Edward Peake

- The Simpletons

-  Catman 

- Florian and Suzi Weischer

- Jonathan and Gillian Knowles            and Maeve Murray Smith on education      through Toto Trust

- Gavin Hogg for creating the beautiful         Ldoilo CD 

-  Andrew Brudenell Bruce and his team for running a marathon

-  Heather and Richard Gibson

-  Isabel Wilcox

-  Beverly Orthwein

-  Rich Clise & Suzanne Garrison

-  Turk Pipkin

-  Student sponsors

-  Viveca Ax:son Johnson

-  The late Chuck Lathrop 

-  Claudia Berger

-  The late Gilfrid Powys

-  Bruce Schnitzer

-  Franzi Krummel 


-  Stella Deane for hundreds of    

   hours of devoted work for the


-  Nick Tims - who swam the

   English channel for the Milgis

-  Sarah Bourghardt from Sweden

   who raced in the hardest ski race

   (90km) and walked (90km) for the


- Rachel Temple for all the work on


- Carolyn Roumeguere, for making

   us her charity of choice

- Diana Roberts, for all the help

  she gave us with grant applications!

-  Doug & Sarah Connon

- Nick & Jane Prentice

- Rupert Watson & Mary Binx in

  memory of George Drew

- Grete Davey

- Christian Lambretchs

- Richard and Cathy Hahn

- Morten Werring

- Frazer Douglas

- Maryjka Beckmann

- Private Journeys

- Jeremy Block

- Fuzz Dyer

- Sir David and Lady Newbigging

- Bruce Corrie

- Pirjo from Finland

- Lis Woods

- Val & Leslie Broc

- Save Giraffes NOW

the list is never ending... we cannot thank you all enough for everything you do, each and every one of you has been an incredible support to this area!

     Organisations                  (click logos for websites)


Milgis Stiftelsen (Norge)



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