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Milgis Team

          Our incredibly supportive board of Trustees


     CECILIE MALM BRUNDTLAND    INA ASTRUP     PETE ILSLEY                                                     ANETTE KROSBY               HELEN DOUGLAS-DUFRESNE            


Our field team

Helen Douglas-Dufresne

Co-founder, trustee and Director


Helen is the Director. She has lived in the area for nearly 40 years and knows the Samburu people intimately. She has paved the way for conservation in Northern Kenya and has developed a unique conservation model that we follow.

Pete Ilsley

Co-founder, trustee and

Manager of the Water Projects


Pete is project manager for humanitarian and community initiatives. This includes water projects, dams and fleet management. Pete has vast experience working in remote parts of Africa and is a key player in the establishment of the trust.


Moses Lesoloyia



Moses Lesoloyia is responsible for ensuring that the Trust’s activities are efficiently implemented and coordinated. He is at the forefront of all community and conservation 

development initiatives.

Digby Douglas-Dufresne

Sustainability Coordinator


Digby helps to coordinate programme implementation and run the digital structure of the trust. He works with the manager to ensure that all moving parts are working and is leading several new projects in the field.


Lpajas Lesoloyia

Veterinary Lead

Lpajas, or 'Dakari' as he's fondly known as , is in charge of our mobile vaccination campaigns. He collaborates with other vets to ensure rabies is kept at bay. He is also running our land rehabilitation works, implementing bunds and working with communities to manage their grazing plans.

Leura Leisido

Ramat e Losho Lead

Leura is responsible for running our mobile education team, working with initiatives that include family planning, mitigation of fires and reducing plastic pollution.The aim being to change the narrative on conservation, and to bring young people onboard the common mission

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Milgis Scouts

The milgis scouts form the core structure of all of our operations. In true Samburu fashion, big decisions are rarely carried out without the blessing of all of the scouts. They are not only responsible for conservation, but also act as liasons for all of our projects being carried out in their respective communities.

Unit Leaders

Ndoto Mountains

Daniel Lentukunye

Head of Scouts 

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 08.41.12.png

Ltangi Lediakashe

Scout Leader 

Desert Unit

Lmankiyon Lepalat

Scout Leader 

Seiya Unit

Lkaita Letura

Scout Leader

Ndoto Unit

Lpaatiri Lerugum

Scout Leader

Lgerei Unit

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 08.14.52.png


In addition to our team of scouts, we have also got Lkiramats (informants), who are based in the same communities as the scouts. They are part time employees of the trust and are responsible for bringing in information that helps us with our work. They also help the scouts to mobilise communities, address issues and act as liasons between the community and the trust. 

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