Everything that the Milgis Trust has achieved can be attributed to eco-tourism in one way or another. People visiting the area have shown huge interest in supporting the long term sustainability of this fragile eco-system. They have helped establish the backbone of our operations in the form of idea's, funding and every other kind of help imaginable. 

The majority of visitors choose to go on safari with Remote 'n' Wild, who have operated camel safaris in the area for more than 34 years. However, anybody can visit provided that they respect the place and the people.  Community and conservation fees apply for anybody visiting the area.  

Looking to visit ? 

Click below to explore the option of a walking safari with Remote 'n' Wild

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If you want to camp 'on your own steam' please see below:

Welcome to the Milgis ecosystem. Under the guidance of the Milgis Trust, this area is conserved by the pastoral communities (click for map). These pastoral communities are the custodians of this spectacular region, and all of it's flora and fauna. The Milgis trust has no ‘borders’, as the people in this area are nomadic pastoralists. If you are interested in visiting, you should consider the following:


The communities expect a standard camping fee of Ksh 1500/- per person /night in all areas on the above map.  Should you wish to visit, the Milgis trust is very happy to help facilitate your stay. This involves collecting your camping fees and ensuring that it all goes to the  well-established ‘community conservation committees’ who are responsible for fair distribution within the communities. We can also arrange, to connect you with our scouts, or 'Lkiramat's' who can help you coordinate campsites and security, and can point you in the direction of nearby wildlife.  If you would like to support the Milgis Trust, then  a donation of Ksh 1500/- per person/night would be highly appreciated, and is a good way of ensuring this place remains wild and beautiful for your next visit!  


 We are doing our best to promote sustainable development in this unique place.


You may also deal with the community in your own way, and pay them their fees directly. If you do so, please respect that this is their home and you must be reasonable and responsible when dealing with them.


For more information Please email:              


Helen        MOB.. 0722812587 (only Whatsapp please)

Digby       MOB..  0716344118         

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