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Everything that the Milgis Trust has achieved can be attributed to eco-tourism in one way or another. People visiting the area have shown huge interest in supporting the long term sustainability of this fragile eco-system. They have helped establish the backbone of our operations in the form of idea's, funding and every other kind of help imaginable. Therefore we would encourage you to visit and by doing so provide the incentive for communities to preserve this beautiful part of the country.


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The majority of visitors choose to go on safari with Remote 'n' Wild, who have operated camel safaris in the area for more than 34 years. 

On your own

 Visitors are welcome to enjoy the area, BUT please make a curtesy call to the area chief, or admin to confirm your intentions and organise your own security..


  Camping fees are Ksh 2000/- per person per night ..

Please establish with the chief/admin of the area who this should be paid to ..  Usually a committee in the area should receive the payments for camping..


                      Milgis is not responsible for your stay.. 

All we ask, is for you to respect the people and wildlife that live there, and to leave the place as you found it!  If you would like to support conservation in this beautiful area please be in contact with Milgis direct... THANK YOU!!

Camelsafari XXXX

Elephant + Norwegians
wet season
Camels walking safari
Camelsafaria mountain
Chelanga water slide
Ndoto views
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