Everything that the Milgis Trust has achieved can be attributed to eco-tourism in one way or another. People visiting the area have shown huge interest in supporting the long term sustainability of this fragile eco-system. They have helped establish the backbone of our operations in the form of idea's, funding and every other kind of help imaginable. Therefore we would encourage you to visit and by doing so provide the incentive for communities to preserve this beautiful part of the country.


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The majority of visitors choose to go on safari with Remote 'n' Wild, who have operated camel safaris in the area for more than 34 years. 

Camping on your own

The people living in the area welcome visitors and are happy for you to camp. Its a very big area and the community have found it difficult to establish a foolproof system to collect camping fees. There has been many disagreements when the fees are paid to the wrong person.  As a result, the communities have made a temporary agreement for the fees to be collected through Remotenwild NFD who then distribute into the correct community accounts.

Ngurunit - If you are wanting to camp in Ngurunit, then please contact


                               Nicholas Lekuyie +254112526295 


                               Stephen lebiteling +254705819886

These gentlemen are on the ngurunit tourism committee and can help arrange your stay and provide payment details for community/conservation fees. 

For camping anywhere else around the Ndotos please follow instructions below:

The routes in the area are not very clear and many people ask us for somebody to accompany them on their trip - we are  working on a system that connects you with a community representative to help you find your way.  There are Milgis trust scouts living throughout the area who may be able to help you make local arrangements like security and campsites, however they are not guides or camp security. They are busy doing conservation work so please respect this. 


Please note that the Milgis trust is here to help the community benefit from ecotourism and give useful advice to travellers, but we are not responsible for your safety or itinerary. Please take security seriously when travelling in the area.

Please download and print off the below document and take it with you on your visit. Please fill out the information on page 2 and email or whatsapp Helen or Digby with conformation of payment after your safari - this information will help us distribute the camping fees to the correct community. 

Visitors form

Also attached is a basic map of the area in which camping/ conservation fee of ksh's 3000 per person per day apply

Please print off the map before your visit

Visitors map

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Elephant + Norwegians
wet season
Camels walking safari
Camelsafaria mountain
Chelanga water slide
Ndoto views