Everything that the Milgis Trust has achieved can be attributed to eco-tourism in one way or another. People visiting the area have shown huge interest in supporting the long term sustainability of this fragile eco-system. They have helped establish the backbone of our operations in the form of idea's, funding and every other kind of help imaginable. 


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The majority of visitors choose to go on safari with Remote 'n' Wild, who have operated camel safaris in the area for more than 34 years. 

Travelling and Camping on your own


If you would like to visit and camp anywhere in this area, the camping and conservation fees are Kshs 3000/-  per person per day.  


 You will need to pay the above camping fees if you go anywhere within the demarcated area. It's difficult to decipher the borders of where the Milgis Trust covers, as up here 'boundaries' do not really exist. This map gives you an idea where you may find a Milgis representative. By the way.. You can probably expect to pay camping fees just about anywhere in Northern Kenya these days. (If you plan to camp in the northern Matthews range please make contact with Kalepo Conservancy.)
Please download and print off the map for your visit

       MT Area Map


Visitors Form

Kindly also download and print off the below document, as this will prove to the community that you are paying camping fees down the official channels. Please note that the communities have requested for this.


        Visitors Form


When you arrive at your chosen camp spot, please ask somebody from the community to find the milgis trust area representative.(Scout or Lkiramat) PLEASE Fill out page 2 of the visitors form and give it to him or her (if you are planning to camp in more than one place then you need to print out more forms). The scout will alert the MT base and area chief that you are there.



The Milgis Trust is NOT responsible for your security or itinerary. Our focus is conservation and ensuring that the community is benefitting from ecotourism visitors. All visitors are expected to organise their own camp sites and camp security.  

Your presence in the area will always be reported to the area chief for SECURITY reasons and  he/she may visit your camp.  Please take your security very seriously.  The Samburu/Rentille are extremely aware of their environment and surroundings and will always find out who is in the area and what is going on. Therefore the neighbouring community are likely to come and see you at your campsite. Please give respect to the owners of the land. 

Most importantly, enjoy your visit in one of the last true wildernesses shared by people and wildlife.

Many thanks 

Milgis Trust Management

Camelsafari XXXX