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Livestock being the centrepiece of Samburu livelihood means that the management of this resource is heavily intertwined with conservation. The core objective is to promote livestock quality, over livestock Quantity. The Milgis Trust aims to integrate resource & livestock management to best combat land degradation

           Samburu style


With limited access to banking and no mobile network for mpesa, pastoralists choose to store wealth in the form of animals. They look to 'save' and build large herds. The population explosion in Northern Kenya has led to an equal increase in livestock numbers! This has led to wide degredation of the rangelands and has led to conflict between Samburu and Turkana, as well as in the Laikipia region. 

Problems Deriving from the current system

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Overgrazing leads to severe land degredation 

- vegetation cover is lost

- soil erosion results from excessive runoff

- wildlife suffers from habitat destruction

- soil water retention and nutrient content is reduced

Overpopulation and social issues

- more children are needed to look after many livestock

- less children are sent to school as they are busy looking after livestock

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